Monday, October 28, 2013

Tommy's Marigolds

Tommy's marigold garden in late October
I stopped to see my cousin Tommy the other day and was astounded by his border of marigolds. The colors of this mix were flaming!!! It's late October here in western PA and we have yet to have a killing frost.
Now most of you probably have no real attraction to marigolds. They are very common place in the garden and have a rather obnoxious fragrance. Marigolds are said to repel certain garden pests - both bugs and animals. I have not made the effort to border my garden in marigolds to protect them from anything. As I was leaving Tommy's, he offered me some seeds for next year's garden. If you know me well, you will know that I rarely turn down free seed, even marigold seed. Tommy ran to the basement to get them. He returned with one of those gallon sized plastic jugs, like you get pretzels or cheese balls in at Big Lots, full of marigold seeds!!! We guessed there were about 3 million seeds in there. Tom just picked all the dead blooms off during the season. He's still picking them. Can't wait to plant them in the spring. Thanks Tommy!!!



Early garden
Late July



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