Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Long Road Home

It's been a while since I last published anything. So instead of filling in any gaps of time, I am going to pretend it was just last week since my last post.
Summer has ended, as usual, and we are mid way thru Autumn. "Fall" as we all like to call it, is a word used instead of Autumn. I googled that and found several perspectives on the use of the word. Long story short, either word is acceptable. The leaves are falling in Fall. Fall/Autumn also means the end of the gardening season here is western PA. Over the passed few days I have moved the tender plants inside, cut back the Zebra grass, and emptied the rain barrel. Freeze is eminent. Snow flurries are fore casted for tomorrow. Not enough to go sledding, as I had to explain to 5 year old Carter but it will start the snow season. It's about time for snow.
Fortunately, I have a small greenhouse that I can find solace in for the long winter months ahead. I cannot afford to heat it so I grow cold tolerant crops. These include spinach, carrots, beets, Swiss chard, arugula, and cilantro. I do cover the cilantro with a frost blanket. It was a great refuge last winter.
Next writing will be a recipe for my favorite Autumn soup.
See you.
p.s. I have to give photo credit to Claire Ann Reeger. This is Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly enjoying a zinnia.

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