Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Blooming of the Easter Egg Tree

A deciduous Easter Egg tree and shrub.

From mid March through the end of April, the colorful Easter Egg tree blooms throughout western Pennsylvania. This colorful display of "blooms" can be seen on deciduous trees and shrubs and also on evergreen shrubs. The Easter Egg tree/shrub is more or less a miracle of nature. It would appear that one does not need two trees to have the blooms. I have noticed a single blooming tree with no other blooming tree within miles. I have yet to see honey bees swarming to gather nectar from the blooms. So pollination is not an issue of concern either.
  I have looked in the local garden centers and big box retailers and have yet to find a seedling/sapling to plant in my own garden.  There is a seed company out of Georgia that sells an "Easter Egg tree" seed.
 The picture on the website is that of a white egg- shaped eggplant. Not what I was looking for.
Googling for a live Easter Egg tree only brings search results about using a branch stuck in a bucket with blown decorated egg shells hanging on it. Even gardening guru, Martha Stewart only shows the German and Swiss traditional branch with blown egg shells. For those fortunate to have an Easter Egg tree blooming in their yard, congratulations. 
 As you travel around town on these last days before The Bunny comes, be sure to keep an eye out for these sure signs that warmer, sunnier days are to come.

A coveted  Weeping Easter Egg tree

Evergreen Easter shrubs

A well-established Easter Egg tree in full bloom


  1. hahahahahah this made my day mom. very cute.

  2. ohhh god. the coveted weeping easter egg tree. freaking awesome.

  3. My question to you is: How do the eggs on the trees end up different colors? Another blog on that? Only a true Easter Bunny knows that answer! Happy Easter my friend.